“Naioth” at Bethel

David was running away from the anger of Saul. In his young heart he could not understand the rhyme or reason for this man’s anger; other than the fact that it was based on jealousy and he was used to seeing that ugly spirit of anger manifested against him by his brothers. David under direct attack from Saul barely escaped with his life.

David, with a heavy heart and a troubled spirit, needed a safe place not only to rest his tired body, but also to find once again the face of God. “So, David fled, and escaped, and came to Samuel at Ramah, and told him all that Saul had done to him. And he and Samuel went and dwelt in Naioth.” (I Samuel 19:18) 

This place was everything that David needed; it was really the perfect church. “When God’s servants are fiercely opposed by Satan their place of refuge is the fellowship of God’s people. David needed a new vision and a new strength for the new battle ahead of him.” He found it all there in the fellowship with the prophets of God.

 Today many of us, like David, are running away from the onslaughts of a vicious world. We are looking for a safe place of fellowship, a place of unconditional love where we can be sheltered from the oppression of the enemy and receive the power and glory of God.

The word “Naioth” means ground of pasture “God promised His children that He will allow them to “lie down in green pastures” (Psalm 23:2) “In time of trouble He will hide them in His pavilion” (Psalm 27:5) Naioth was indeed that safe place. All who went there felt the presence of God and started speaking the oracles of God, even Saul.

I wonder today if such a place can be found for the weary and restless?  If there’s even a need in our society for such a place?

I think if there’s ever a time in history when there’s a definite need for places like Naioth it is now. We need a safe place where God’s weary sheep can rest in the green pastures of his abundance grace, a place where they can be led by the still waters of an intimate communion with His Holy Spirit.

I lung for such a place and I believe it is God’s ultimate idea of a church. But I must admit such places are rare in our world today.  But I dare to say from what I have sensed and experienced at our church, Bethel, in my short time there, it leads me to believe that we can be, by the grace of God, a Naioth.

 I wish to thank all those who have worked long and hard to make our church a little Naioth and I challenge every individual to come together in unity of spirit, to contribute their spiritual gift(s) and continue to build together a “Naioth” in Bethel.

And if perhaps, like David, you are searching for a Naioth in your life, please come home to Bethel, like the arms of Jesus are doors are always open.   


Pastor Carl Behrmann
Bethel Haitian SDA Church

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